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Blend Energy Unit X machine

Input & Process Conditions

ANY PLASTIC, PVC, PET, PP, PE, PS and all the rest - can consume the plastic of up to 2000 homes per day

  • No need to sort or wash the plastic, everything gets shredded and consumed
  • Plastic is NOT burned or incinerated but broken down into smaller molecules
  • Process melts & cleanses the plastic removing moisture, air & any potential acids with NO harmful outputs, everything is monitored by our system
  • 100% Self sufficient after initial start-up of the machine
  • CO2 capture & utility


  • Up to 7.2MW electricity/day - Enough to
    power 100 homes every single day!
  • Liquid & Gaseous fuel such as petrol,
    kerosene, diesel and/or LPG/natural gas
    All of this can be used in a generator
  • 100kg/day Carbon Black - vital for compost,
    filtration, printer toner ink and much more
UnitX Dimensions


  • 125m2 enough for a single Machine + shredder + loading hopper + oil storage & plastic storage.
  • Modular design with capacity to add more Unit Xs.
  • We supply the shredder and our in-house design plastic STORAGE silos.
  • Minimal hands-on operation, plastic is fed directly to shredder and the process is fully automated.
  • Continuous process 24/7, most machine maintenance can be carried out during operations.