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Eco Solution for Plastic Waste with CO2 Capture

Utilise mixed, dirty plastic waste to produce energy specifically electricity.

Sick and fed up of all the trash and air pollution us humans are generating?

Introduce effective and compact CO2 capture solutions, focusing on flue gas emitting operations such as power stations, generators etc.

Utilise captured CO2 in various solutions; concrete, agriculture as well as air conditioning

Current progress

  • Created machine (Unit X) to catalytically decompose mixed plastic waste including PVC & PET plastics
  • Open source in house automation
  • Working CO2 capture system 

Blend Energy Plastic Waste Recovery Process

Generates an LPG-like gas that can be safely stored and utilised to power the process and generate electricity.

  • Integrated Plastic Shredder
  • Integrated Distillation Unit
  • Heating System Recovery
  • Unique reactor design and cleansing abilities
  • High quality diesel fuel is produced for transport/generator use