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Unit X Machine


Blend Energy Unit X machine

Our machine provides a ground-breaking solution to the global waste problem by efficiently converting mixed, unsorted, and unwashed plastic waste into energy and valuable chemicals.

This innovative technology addresses the challenges of plastic waste management by eliminating the need for pre-sorting and cleaning, making the process more cost-effective and accessible. By transforming plastic waste into useful resources, our machine not only reduces environmental pollution but also contributes to sustainable energy production and chemical manufacturing.

This solution represents a significant advancement in waste management and resource recovery, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Input & Process Conditions

ANY PLASTIC, PVC, PET, PP, PE, PS and all the rest - can consume the plastic of up to 2000 homes per day

  • No need to sort or wash the plastic, everything gets shredded and consumed
  • Plastic is NOT burned or incinerated but broken down into smaller molecules
  • Process melts & cleanses the plastic removing moisture, air & any potential acids with NO harmful outputs, everything is monitored by our system
  • 100% Self sufficient after initial start-up of the machine
  • CO2 capture & utility


  • Up to 7.2MW electricity/day - Enough to
    power 100 homes every single day!
  • Liquid & Gaseous fuel such as petrol,
    kerosene, diesel and/or LPG/natural gas
    All of this can be used in a generator
  • 100kg/day Carbon Black - vital for compost,
    filtration, printer toner ink and much moreĀ 
UnitX Dimensions


  • 125m2 enough for a single Machine + shredder + loading hopper + oil storage & plastic storage.
  • Modular design with capacity to add more Unit Xs.
  • We supply the shredder and our in-house design plastic STORAGE silos.
  • Minimal hands-on operation, plastic is fed directly to shredder and the process is fully automated.
  • Continuous process 24/7, most machine maintenance can be carried out during operations.
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